These are expertly handcrafted, high quality OGs (orgone generators).


Pendant of Energetic Protection


Intended to be worn with a chain or cord around the neck to protect the wearer's energy while out in the world.


Like a traditional OG, this pendant will positively influence all those within proximity of the wearer, fostering more harmonious interactions and desirable outcomes for the highest good of all.


Orgonite has been shown to protect against the harmful effects of EMFs and other disturbances.


It can help to balance the energy of a home, car or office space.


Each OG product in this store has been tested for potency using Richard's bio energy instruments.


+ new pendants have a clear base and assorted colors of crystal/metal detailings inside


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About the Creator:


Reinhard Stanjek has been perfecting the art of creating orgonite for over 15 years, relying on both learning from experts in the field and listening to his own artistic intuition. 


He is repeatedly fascinated by the way that spirit moves through these pieces and creates anomalies in his original design, only to find these occurances often enhance their energy output dramatically. 


Throughout the years, Reinhard has "gifted" our planet with 1000's of OG's. He focuses mainly on balancing the effects of cell phone towers and other disruptive frequencies. 

Pendant of 'Energetic Protection' Orgone Generator

  • Width: 4cm

    Height: 5cm

    Thickness: 1.5cm


  • This is a pendant only and does not include a chain or cord.