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Balancing The Chakras: How to Measure Your Chakra Points Using Energy Tools

Part of your aura (or energy field) is the chakra points.

In order to balance them, we must first be able to accurately measure them.

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What Are Chakras?

For those who aren’t familiar…

Your chakras are 7 unique energy points along your spine.

From top to bottom:

We have the crown, the 3rd eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacrum and the root.

In ancient Sanskrit, the word chakra means “wheel”. These wheels were understood to be spinning discs of light.

Each wheel is depicted with a different colour and associated with a neighbouring organ system. These spinning vortexes of spiritual energy were thought to have an effect on physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Numerous ancient cultures and religions make references to these points and depict their importance.

They are surrounded by a great deal of mystery, and their opening has been tied to spiritual enlightenment and deeper esoteric understanding.

More relevant to you and I

Chakras are points where an enormous amount of energy comes together in your being.

They might not be visible to the human eye, but they’re measurable and their energy flow can make a dramatic difference to the health of your body.

Measuring The Chakras:

Using my own intuition coupled with sensitive instruments, I’ve developed a method of measuring these energy centres.

Watch this short video to see what I mean:

Amazing, right?

Welcome to the electric, energetic universe.

Everything has energy, frequency or vibration.

Your body’s energy may be subtle, but it is measurable with the right tools.

“Your body’s energy may be subtle, but it is measurable with the right tools.”

In the video, did you notice how our test subject’s upper energy centres were balanced, but her solar plexus and sacrum showed something was really off? Her energy field collapsed almost entirely when focusing attention on these chakras.

There are many different reasons why a chakra would be blocked, but measuring is the first step toward finding a solution.

She shared with me that her digestion had already been poor for several weeks after we had ran this measurement.

We don’t always have obvious physical signs like poor digestion to indicate something is wrong.

Our body is an interconnected system of energy channels or meridians. Low energy in one place often creates low energy in another.

I discuss the potential health conditions low energy can create here.

Balancing The Chakras

Okay, so we’ve measured your chakras and you have some low points (we usually all do at one time or another).

What now?

In the video, you watched our test subject put on a tourmaline bracelet and it instantly balanced her chakras. A good, high quality stone like tourmaline will often balance the chakras nicely.

You can find high quality energy balancing bracelets here:

I’ve spent over 40 years researching the energetic universe and sourcing crystals and other tools that will positively impact human health.

Many stones being sold online are fakes or have a very low electromagnetic field.

“Many stones being sold online are fakes or have a very low electromagnetic field.”

All crystals in my shop have been tested for potency and purity.

If you have crystals or other energy tools you’d like to have tested, send me an email and we’ll see what we can do. I love exploring the energetic world and helping to empower everyone to take back control of their health in all areas.

3 More Natural Ways to Balance Your Energy

I can’t guarantee that your chakras will become completely balanced by these processes but I know from my testing that they certainly help:

Meditate: Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, but it’s also extremely effective at grounding and regulating the energy of the body. There are many types of meditation and choosing can be overwhelming. Focus on a simple process that you can maintain peacefully for 5 minutes or more.

Earthing: My energy wands have proven that taking off your shoes in nature instantly expands your energy field. Hugging trees, touching plants and even holding cut flowers all register positive benefit for the body.

Breath Work: Deep breathing, involving expanding your abdomen fully, amplifies your energy field and creates awareness in the body.

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