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Bio-Energy Testing Instrument + Training Course

Bio Energy Mastery Course (The Ultimate Dowsing Course)

--- Learn to test energy fields like a pro ---


After Completing This Course

You'll be able to:

→ measure energy fields using dowsing tools

→ sense and measure the effects of EMFs

→ measure geopathic stress for basic feng shui

→ intuitively handle the energy wands with skill

→ draw upon Richard's years of experience

→ experience greater confidence and well-being


What's in the Course?

Product Description:

You'll receive:

✔︎ 2 energy testing guns (or dowsing tools)

✔︎ 1 custom carrying case

✔︎ Digital access to the instructional course


✔︎ 2 EMF protection energy cards (small & medium size) (a $300 value)

✔︎ 1 orgone gems EMF protection chakra pendant (a $150 value)

✔︎ 1 pyramid orgone generator (a $45 value)


Who is this Course For?

This course is likely for you if you are:

excited about energy, supplements and alternative health

→ hoping to add to your existing service offerings as a practitioner

→ eager to help yourself, friends and family with energy testing

→ interested in exploring the unknown


Course Description:

Access via online video:

✔︎  29 detailed, step-by-step instructional videos 

✔︎  22 helpful bonus sessions

✔︎  Private FB group access


Can I Really Do Bio-Energy Testing Like Richard?

Yes! Here are a few facts to encourage you:

Richard created this course for both beginners and intermediate testers.

 A background in muscle testing or other intuititve abilities are an asset, but they are not required for success in this program.

→ We believe any enthusiastic individual with an open mind will be able to dowse successfully.

When You Order:

  1. Your energy wands and bonus products will ship securely to your home.
  2. You'll receive digital access to your online course to begin learning from Richard right away.


What If I Have More Questions?

Richard can be reached here to tell you more about the course:







Bio-Energy Testing Instrument + Training Course

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