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Distance Energy Testing

This package includes your custom results for:


  • Chakra Testing
  • Aura Testing
  • Health Condition Testing


These tests have been carefully designed to provide you with the greatest benefit by focusing only on the most important energy and organ systems of your body.


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⭐How it Works:


Your photographs represent your unique vibrational frequency.


Using the pictures you submit, I will tune into your energy using my energy wands.




I can test as though you were in the room with me physically!


After years of careful testing, I have developed distance testing methods that are just as accurate as in person testing using physical DNA. 


You can watch a short clip demonstrating chakra testing below.


🎥 Chakra Testing Video


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⭐Is Distance Testing For Me?


Distance testing is a great option for you if:


 1.  You've been wanting a "fuller picture" of your health beyond standard medical testing


 2.  You're aware of spiritual and energetic influences in your life but you're frustrated by the conflicting information you read online.


 3.  You've wanted to try energy testing for some time, but you haven't been able to find a credible person in your local area.


 4.  You have stubborn symptoms like fatigue or aches and pains that aren't responding to conventional treatments


Your energy levels matter! Knowing what they are can help us to find solutions that will help you feel better.


My team and I are so pleased to be able to offer you this important service, no matter where you are located in the world.


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⭐How Do I Get Started?


After you select "Add to Cart" and complete your purchase, you will receive a document download.


From this digital booklet, you will follow the photo submission instructions and guidelines.


Once you submit your pictures, your results will be emailed within 5 business days.


You will have the option to have a call with me afterwards to discuss your results and anything I can recommend to help you along your healing journey.


I believe strongly in the power of awareness and the necessity of this knowledge being spread in the world at this time.


Let's get started testing your energy!


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Richard Lehwald is a Vancouver based Bio Energy Specialist, drawing on over 45 years of experience and enthusiasm for all things health related.


Much of his time is spent researching and implementing strategies focused around anti-aging, reverse aging and reclaiming mobility for his clients.


His ability to visually demonstrate bio-energy fields allows him to accurately show the good and bad effects of substances, practices and electronic devices. This rare technology works off of the unique vibrational energy of each client, enabling Richard to create a personalized wellness regimen each time. 


Taking away the guesswork has saved time, money and well-being for the multitude of people he has helped.


Distance Energy Testing

  • This testing is not intended to diagnose conditions or replace the care of a qualified medical professional. Please seek medical attention if you need it and discuss major changes with your doctor.

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