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Energy Card Orgone Gems Pendant

This orgonite pendant contains:


Red Jasper (red): Grounding & Kundalini

Carnelian (orange): Feelings & Creativity

Golden Agate (yellow): Power & Manifestation

Aventurine (green): Love & Compassion

Dye Turquoise (blue): Communication & Expression

Lapis (deep blue): Vision & Clairvoyancy

Amethyst (purple): Spirituality & Meditation


The energy technology contained in the card helps to keep the energy flowing in your entire body.


With energy flowing correctly in the body, problems can correct themselves. When energy flows… pain goes.


Potential Benefits:


  • Greater Energy and Wellbeing
  • Less Stress, Fatigue and Tiredness
  • Stronger Mental Focus & Greater Productivity
  • Pain Relief and Pain Reduction 
  • Enhanced Digestion
  • Better More Restful Sleep (Reduce or Eliminate Insomnia)
  • Improved Quality and Taste of Foods and Beverages 


Lifeforce cards need no external energy source, no maintenance, and work permanently with an almost unlimited life span.


They are an unlimited source of energy to help boost your body and minds potential to greater levels of well-being!

    Energy Card Orgone Gems Pendant

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